Press and Media at the FIP Congress




Any journalist or editor can apply for congress press registration.

We welcome you to all sessions that are open to the public, including the Opening Ceremony and the Welcome Reception. You will also have full access to our media room (where you will receive your congress admission badge and other materials) and media services.

To register as a member of the press please email with:

1)    Your full name;

2)    Your role/job title;

3)    The name of the publication or news agency that you represent and, where applicable, its website address; plus

4)    Any ONE of the following (scan, pdf, screenshot, image, link to, etc):

  • Your name printed in your publication’s flannel panel or listed under editorial staff on your website.
  • A copy of an article/story you have written in the past year which shows your name in the byline;
  • Your press card/press pass;
  • A page from your publication (print or web) either showing reporting from FIP’s 2015 Düsseldorf congress or promotion of FIP’s 2016 Buenos Aires congress (see below);
  • Your business card stating your publication/news agency and your position at that publication/agency;


Once your press credentials have been verified you will be sent a special link for press registration.

Since FIP is a not-for-profit organisation, we could do with all possible help to promote our congress and our mission through your journals, websites, newsletters, etc. That’s why we ask you kindly to use one or more of our materials to let your readers know about this year's congress. Below you will find a selection of materials that you can use in order to do so:


Ready-to-publish articles

What’s in store at this year’s World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences?

FIP gave three pharmacists a preview of the programme and asked them what they thought. Here are the articles:

- "All health professionals should embrace the concept of pharmaceutical care"

- "From drug development to pharmacovigilance — why industrial pharmacists will be happy at the FIP congress (Article in Spanish/Artículo en Español)

“Ways to reduce the burden of disease — every community pharmacist has a part!”   (Article in Spanish/Artículo en Español)

- "Rise to the challenge of lightening the load of disease: Options for hospital pharmacists"   (Article in Spanish/Artículo en Español)

Click on the title to see open the article in Word. We are also providing you with free images for your convenience. (See folders; no credit lines needed unless labelled otherwise.)



If you need anything else, including translations of an article into your language, please contact us (



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