A4 Dementia - stemming the tide

Wednesday 31 August 2016
Hilton Buenos Aires : Pacara A & B, 3 hours

Organised by the FIP Special Interest Group on Translational Research and Individualized Medicines and the FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section 


Dementia is one of the biggest global public health challenges. Recent advances in medical technology, including imaging, have enabled a more detailed understanding of the impact of early

diagnosis in personalised medicine. Pharmacists need to know the importance of an earlyintervention - before organic lesions start to appear - to prevent dementia.

Social problems can be prevented through the education of and interactive communication between all stakeholders such as researchers, practitioners and patients. Pharmacists should participate actively to stem the tide dementia.

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this knowledge-based session, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the role of pharmacists in responding to the challenges of dementia
  2. Explain the disruptive technology for individual disease profiling
  3. Outline the perspectives on dementia and the impact of early intervention on society
  4. Specify the importance of patient-centred pharmaceutical care for dementia therapy


Hitoshi Sasaki (Nagasaki University, Japan)  



1)      Current topics of dementia

Kiyofumi Yamada (Nagoya University Hospital, Japan)


2)      Disruptive technology for individual disease profiling

Eduardo Savio (Radiopharmacy R&D Directive Board Uruguayan Centre for Molecular Imaging, Uruguay)

15:50 – 16:10 Coffee/tea break

3)      Impact of early intervention in society

Claire Anderson (University of Nottingham, UK)


4)      Patient-centred pharmaceutical care

Sean Jeffery (University of Connecticut, USA)