B6 World cafe on public health for mothers and children

Wednesday 31 August 2016
Hilton Buenos Aires : Atlantico C, 3 hours

Organised by the FIP Community Pharmacy Section

Simultaneous translation in Spanish


Evidence from the past 20 years has confirmed the importance of a life course approach to prevent the accumulation of health risk factors and give newborns, girls and women the age-appropriate health care they require to reduce mortality on a global level. Public health programmes have significant potential to support MNCH (maternal, new-born and child health) but are in their infancy. What are the barriers and facilitators to their implementation? How can turn dissemination of information into uptake and action by women, their families, health professionals and health services? How can pharmacists specifically help?

Come and share your perspectives at this world cafe, where we will begin by reflecting on whether we met Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 (“reduce child mortality” and “improve maternal health”, respectively) by the target date. A structured conversation will be used in which groups of people from different countries will discuss the above topics at several tables, with individuals switching tables periodically and getting introduced to the previous discussion at their new table by a table host.

Volunteers from the different countries will be sought to act as champions in their local areas of practice.


Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this application-based session, participants will be able to:

  1. Investigate what MNCH public health programmes exist in their local area of practice (who/what/where/how)
  2. Investigate what barriers and facilitators exist to the implementation of these programmes
  3. Lay out an action plan to overcome the identified barriers
  4. Endorse a community of practice/network in MNCH that links and supports champions.


Manjiri Gharat (FIP CPS, India) 



1)      World café opening

Carmen Peña (FIP President, Spain)


2)      Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 — Have we met these?

Régis Vaillancourt (FIP, Canada)

15:10- 15:30 Coffee/tea break 


3)      The world café discussion

Session attendees

Facilitators: Régis Vaillancourt (FIP, Canada), Luis Lourenco (FIP CPS, Portugal), Bisi Bright (LiveWell Initiative, Nigeria), Rebekah Moles (The University of Sydney, Australia) and Antonio Rabasco Alvarez (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)


4)      Recruiting MNCH champions

Session attendees

Main facilitator: Luis Lourenco (FIP CPS, Portugal)

Assistant facilitators: Régis Vaillancourt (FIP, Canada), Bisi Bright (LiveWell Initiative, Nigeria), Rebekah Moles (The University of Sydney, Australia), Antonio Rabasco Alvarez (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)


5)      World café round-up and closing

Carmen Peña (FIP President, Spain)