D5 The pharmacy supply chain - Should you be a link?

Tuesday 30 August 2016
Hilton Buenos Aires : Atlantico A & B, 1.5 hours

Organised by the FIP Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section



The pharmaceutical supply chain refers to planning, sourcing and distributing pharmaceuticals, health consumables, health equipment and medical gases. The right item must reach the right patient, at the right place and time, in the right quality and quantity. This session will examine the role of pharmacists in the supply chain, and if indeed there is a requirement to have pharmacists involved.

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this knowledge-based session participants will be able to:

  1. Define the role of pharmacist in the logistical supply of pharmaceuticals
  2. Specify the role of pharmacists in the supply chain
  3. Describe the pharmacy supply chain. 


Wendy Walker (FIP MEPS, Australia) and Richard Wosolsobe (FIP MEPS, Austria) 



1)      a. Update on the pharmacy supply management working group

Wendy Walker (FIP MEPS, Australia)

b. Meeting the burden of disease through optimising the use of pharmacists in the supply chain

Andrew Brown (Health System Strengthening PTY LTD, Australia)


2)      The role of pharmacists in supply chain management

Ann Smeeton (New Zealand Defence Force, New Zealand)


3)      Halal pharmaceutical initiatives in Malaysia: World’s first standards and practices and their impact on the supply chain and defence 

Dato' Halim Basari (Brigadier, Malaysia)