D2 Pharmaceutical care based on patient needs (with role play)

Thursday 1 September 2016
Hilton Buenos Aires : Pacifico A, 3 hours

Organised by the FIP Programme Committee

Simultaneous translation in Spanish 



This session will be organised in an innovative format: as a “show” for pharmacist-patient interaction scenario with “teachers” helping pharmacists to make decisions and advise patients in four to five areas (evidence-based practice and decision-making, public health, screening, learning plan for the future and social awareness). It will show and discuss the role of community pharmacists in various disease treatments. Collaborative drug therapy management is an essential method to achieve excellence in providing patient care. Experiential training, decision-making processes and interprofessional collaboration will be discussed.

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this application-based session, participants will be able to:

  1. Adopt various roles of pharmacists in assuring sustainable and affordable patient care
  2. Endorse a personal learning plan to achieve quality in providing patient care
  3. Endorse ways to expand their scope of practice and embrace new roles
  4. Investigate different patient needs and expectations.



Arijana Meštrović (FIP Programme Committee, Croatia), Jurate Švarcaite (PGEU, Belgium) and Lina Bader (University of Nottingham, UK)




1)      Patient care competence in pharmacy practice 

Arijana Meštrović (FIP Programme Committee, Croatia)


2)      Role play 1: Pharmacist and patient asking for health screening  

Abdikarim Mohamed Abdi Daud (Djibouti)

What every pharmacist should know about screening in reducing the burden of disease

Jurate Švarcaite (PGEU, Belgium)


3)      Role play 3: Pharmacist and vulnerable patient  

Abdikarim Mohamed Abdi Daud (Djibouti)

Sustainable care for vulnerable patients

Martin Henman (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

10:40 – 11:00 Coffee/tea break


4)      Role play 4: Pharmacist and prevention and public health 

Abdikarim Mohamed Abdi Daud (Djibouti)

Public health in patient care

Victoria Hall Ramirez (University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica)


5)      Commitment to patient care

Abdikarim Mohamed Abdi Daud (Djibouti)