Programme by Topic

The Congress Programme will touch on eight main topics with several  sessions throughout. These topics range from medicines and the  healthcare team of the future, ensuring the safe and responsible use of  medicines, the future medicines supply chain and and how best to  contribute to the healthcare economy of the future.

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D. Sustainable and affordable global health

There is no question that, to reduce the global burden of disease, pharmaceutical care must be sustainable and affordable for patients. Sustainability means that quality of care has to be evaluated and improved, and enforced by interprofessional education. It also means that pharmacists need to expand their horizons as the pharmacy profession advances. Awareness of national context and global needs is essential. Research must help practitioners find affordable solutions to new challenges and rare diseases, as well as bringing new approaches to unmet patient needs. Congress delegates will explore the new role of pharmacy educators, practitioners and scientists to assure sustainability of prevention, medication and care.