Programme by Topic

The Congress Programme will touch on eight main topics with several  sessions throughout. These topics range from medicines and the  healthcare team of the future, ensuring the safe and responsible use of  medicines, the future medicines supply chain and and how best to  contribute to the healthcare economy of the future.

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C. Diagnostics and adherence - putting progress into collaborative practice

Since pharmacists are the first point of contact for many patients and are therefore in a unique position with regard to disease prevention and health promotion, it can only be beneficial for them to collaborate with other healthcare professionals in initiatives that centre on overall improvement of personal health and well-being. Such initiatives could involve early disease diagnosis and monitoring adherence. Congress delegates will have an opportunity, through a series of interactive sessions, to learn how they can contribute to meaningful pharmaceutical care, disease prevention and long-lasting health promotion through the use of science-based diagnostic tools and patient-centred initiatives to improve adherence to drug treatment.