Programme by Topic

The Congress Programme will touch on eight main topics with several  sessions throughout. These topics range from medicines and the  healthcare team of the future, ensuring the safe and responsible use of  medicines, the future medicines supply chain and and how best to  contribute to the healthcare economy of the future.

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A. Social determinants of health

Differences in where people are born how they grow, and where they live, work and age are generally responsible for health inequities within and between countries. Termed "social determinants of health", these circumstances are shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels. Reducing health inequities is considered an ethical imperative and there are many initiatives world-wide that are attempting to “close the gap”. Consumer health literacy is one such inequity. The congress will look at these issues in depth and guide pharmacists towards an understanding of how their role can help improve access to quality medicines and services, and shape policies to improve public health.