E1 Pharmacy Technicians Symposium - Part III

Sunday 28 August 2016
Hilton Buenos Aires : Jacaranda, 3 hours

Organised by FIPEd



Sustaining pharmacy services globally — Reliance on the pharmacy support workforce

Pharmacy technicians and support staff, pharmacists and individuals who work with the pharmacy support workforce in education, practice, regulation, development and promotion will explore how to educate, develop and fully utilise the pharmacy support workforce within the health care system. The discussions and debate during this one-and-a-half-day forum will focus on areas of critical importance for sustainability of health care programmes, with a focus on global initiatives that support and strengthen the work of mid-level cadres in the delivery of pharmacy services. 


Part III – Resource utilization for the sustainability of pharmacy services

Short case studies and discussion forum

The FIP Board of Pharmaceutical Practice commissioned a Pharmacy Support Workforce Working Group to prepare a report on the roles and responsibilities of the pharmacy support workforce, their education and legal framework and practice models. The methodology used to collect this information and the findings of the Working Group will be presented in this session.  Country specific case studies that describe the history of the pharmacy support workforce, the education model and regulatory environment as well as current practice relationships between pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other pharmacy support workforce cadres will be presented.  Discussion will focus on the current challenges and practice trends that impact resource utilization, development and sustainability of the pharmacy technician and pharmacy support workforce, and the potential impact on the broader pharmacy workforce and provision of pharmacy services.  


Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this application-based session participants will be able to:

  1. Advocate how pharmacy technicians and other members of the pharmacy support workforce are being utilized to help ensure sustainable pharmacy services within different practice and country contexts.
  2. Produce specific examples of the evolution of the pharmacy support workforce, their current roles and relationships within pharmacy and challenges countries face in the integration of these cadres.
  3. Analyze the practice, education and regulatory trends that exist and explain the rationale for utilization of pharmacy the pharmacy support workforce.
  4. Construct strategies to improve relationships between pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other pharmacy support workers to help optimize sustainable healthcare services. 



Christina Durinck (Denmark)



1)      Introduction of the Working Group’s mandate

Andrew Brown (International Association of Public Health Logisticians, Australia)


2)      Survey results and findings from the literature review

Andrew Brown (International Association of Public Health Logisticians, Australia)

10:10 -10:30 Coffee/tea break


3)      Country case study examples


4)      Closing remarks – Where do we go from here?

Shane Deselle (Touro University California, USA) 



Parts I & II are on Saturday 27 August 2016, 09:00 – 17:30