E1 Pharmacy Technicians Symposium - Part I & II

Saturday 27 August 2016
Hilton Buenos Aires : Jacaranda, 6 hours

Organised by FIPEd



Sustaining pharmacy services globally — Reliance on the pharmacy support workforce

Pharmacy technicians and support staff, pharmacists and individuals who work with the pharmacy support workforce in education, practice, regulation, development and promotion will explore how to educate, develop and fully utilise the pharmacy support workforce within the health care system. The discussions and debate during this one-and-a-half-day forum will focus on areas of critical importance for sustainability of health care programmes, with a focus on global initiatives that support and strengthen the work of mid-level cadres in the delivery of pharmacy services.



Part I - Global initiatives that enhance delivery of pharmacy services by mid-level cadres

Educational Session

This first session will showcase global initiatives that are available as open access resources and are designed to support affordable healthcare programs. A marketplace format will be used to allow participants an opportunity to meet with representatives and learn about a variety of global health resources (for example, TB programs, GAVI immunization, UN Commission on Live Saving Commodities, and open access pharmacy resources) that are readily accessible to the pharmacy support workforce  and designed for overall  sustainability and affordability of global health.


Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this knowledge-based session participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the global need for human resources for health and the role of mid-level cadres in providing sustainable and affordable health care.
  2. List a range of global health initiatives and organisations which are working together with countries to fight the global burden of disease and the resources they provide.
  3. Outline a range of freely available health information and practice resources to their local practice setting.



Andrew Brown (Health Systems Strengthening Consultant, Australia)




1)      Keynote address: What is the role of mid-level cadres in meeting global health needs? A focus on pharmacy services

Catherine Duggan (Royal Pharmaceutical Society, UK)


2)      Introducing global health initiatives

The following five groups will provide a quick overview of their initiative. This will be followed by an interactive marketplace allowing participants to move freely between information tables highlighting these initiatives and the resources they provide: 

GAVI the Vaccine Alliance

        HIV AIDS 90-90-90 Vision

        Global fund HIV, TB and Malaria

        UN Commission on life saving commodities

        International group NCD’s – Diabetes and Hypertension

        Open access pharmacy resources

(including coffee/tea break) 


3)      Facilitated discussion

Facilitator: Andrew Brown (Health Systems Strengthening Consultant, Australia)



Part II –Promoting leadership throughout the pharmacy workforce

Workshop Session

In order to achieve a sustainable healthcare system globally strong leadership is needed at all levels of the pharmacy workforce. This workshop session will allow participants to explore the essential characteristics of leaders and introduce the concept of partnered leadership as a means of driving change and innovation within pharmacy. Panel members will share personal experiences that have helped them become leaders within their community and work with participants in group activities to explore strategies that can be used to develop and recognize leaders from within the pharmacy support workforce. 


Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this application-based session, participants will be able to:

  1. Compare different types of leadership and characteristics that define a leader regardless of their position on a team.
  2. Analyse the types of leadership needed globally to promote and develop mid-level cadre workers within the pharmacy profession.
  3. Demonstrate how to develop and recognize leaders within the pharmacy support workforce.
  4. Formulate examples of leadership development to personal development.



Susan James (Ontario College of Pharmacists, Canada)





Tina Brock (FIPEd, USA) Jill Boone (FIPEd, USA)



1)      The making of a leader – defining the components


2)      Workshop activity

15:45 – 16:05 Coffee/tea break


3)      Shared experiences / Reflections on leadership

Christina Durinck (European Association of Pharmacy Technicians, Denmark)

Cathy Schuster (Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs, Canada)



4)      Workshop activity


5)      Closing remarks



Part III is Sunday 28 August 2016, 09:00 – 12:00